Welcome to Wandsworth Bereavement Service's website

Who can use our service

Wandsworth Bereavement Service provides one to one bereavement counselling for anyone who is resident in the Borough of Wandsworth and for residents of neighbouring Boroughs who have been unable to access bereavement counselling elsewhere.

Anyone who has been bereaved, has experienced other major losses or is facing an anticipated death can access the service irrespective of age, gender, sexuality, disability, race, ethnic origin or religion.

Service for Children and Young People

The death of a parent or someone very close to a child or young person can be extremely distressing for him or her.
For some children at this time it is easier for them to go through some of their pain and intense feelings with a counsellor. This is because the counsellor is not a close friend or relation and the child feels less worried or anxious about burdening, upsetting or overwhelming them.
Bereavement counselling can help a child to be able to talk through words and images about the loved person whom they have lost. This can be a way to still feel connected to the lost person in a healthy way.