WBS works with individuals who

  • have been bereaved irrespective of how or when the death occurred
  • have experienced bereavement due to a sudden, unexpected or untimely death
  • have witnessed either a traumatic or violent death
  • have experienced multiple losses and deaths
  • are facing an impending loss or anticipated death, be that because of a life threatening disease such as Cancer or other forms of illness


Those using our service include people whose

  • Mother/father has died
  • Husband/wife/partner has died
  • Brother/sister has died
  • Son/daughter/child has died
  • Grandparents/other relatives have died
  • Close friends have died
  • Baby has died through cot death, stillbirth or neo-natal death
  • Women who have experienced miscarriage or termination of pregnancy
  • Relatives/friends have died in accidents or as a result of suicide
  • Relatives/friends have died through murder or manslaughter


  • Survivors of disasters
  • Carers of the terminally ill
  • Professionals who encounter death in their work