The service WBS provides

When you first contact the Service, you will be invited to come for an initial assessment session to discuss your bereavement issues and needs. This session will take place during office hours and will last for approximately an hour.

After this, a counsellor will be allocated for one to one counselling if it is agreed that counselling is appropriate. The sessions, which last for 50 minutes, take place on a regular weekly basis, at the same time each week, for up to 12 sessions. For the on-going counselling, we can offer either daytime or evening sessions, Monday-Friday, depending on what suits you best.

The sessions all take place at our premises in Lavender Hill although home counselling (including the initial assessment session) can be offered to individuals with restricted mobility. Please note that we do not have waiting room facilities.

All our counsellors are fully trained in bereavement counselling and professionally supervised on a regular basis. The counselling team consists of a mix of men and women across a range of ages and ethnic backgrounds.

We are an independent charity and the service provided is confidential.


Low cost fees based on a sliding scale may apply, where appropriate. Please contact us to discuss this further.

Fees are not applicable to the Children and Young Peoples Service

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